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Our solutions will not only astound you in their reliability, but their affordability as well. Whether you are looking for web hosting, web design or search engine optimisation or any other of our services - you wont be disappointed! No matter which of our solutions you require, you will see this statement will fit all areas of our expertise.



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3D animation & design

Today's competitive landscape clearly rests on innovation. Whether you intend to attract new customers or simply retain existing ones - the key to success lies in eye-catching designs and attractive presentation.

When you wish to showcase your products to potential customers, having a flat 2 dimensional view doesn't help anymore. What people look for these days is to get a 'feel' of the real thing - and that's something only 3D design and animation can provide. Are you missing out on this opportunity?

At Osirion System Technologies we realize the importance of 3D design. That's why we provide exceptional, cost-effective services that transform ordinary presentations into extraordinary, engaging content.

Our services

Our expert 3D design team at Osirion System Technologies provides a gamut of services that include:
  • Custom 3D modeling
  • 3D animation
  • 3D flash logo design
  • 3D wallpapers
  • 3D interface design
  • Designs for 3D games
  • 3D engineering models
  • 3D online catalogs
  • And much more...

Tools and technology

We use AutoCAD, 3D Studio MAX, Maya and other software for all our 3D design work. The latter of these 3d software suites allow us to create phenomenal 3D animations and 3D pictures. We also use a bit of MCAD software for our design purposes.

Benefits you get

With our 3D design services at Osirion System Technologies you can exhibit all your products in the best possible manner. No matter which industry vertical you belong to you can create your own online store in your website and use compelling 3D graphics to showcase all dimensions of every product. Whether you're an architect who wishes to display scale models of buildings, a toy manufacturer who wants to showcase the various toys in your store, or even a garment manufacturer - you can create innovative and highly interesting 3D design renditions of your products. Customers will be pleased at what they see, they'll also get a preview of the real thing. This will ensure more sales and greater revenues for your organization.
Whether you are looking for simple 3D pictures for use in print advertisiing or full on 3D animations for use in TV commercials or presentations - we can get you the 3D media you desire!

Transform concepts to reality

When you obtain our 3D design services at Osirion System Technologies, you are essentially paving a way to transform concepts in the mind to real objects. With our state-of-the-art, cutting edge technology, our team of domain experts and our years of experience in this field, we help create solid 3D models of your products - which will not just impress customers but also potential business partners of your company!

Our processes

We believe in being systematic in our work and processes. That's why we follow a set of processes that help deliver our 3D design products on time. And on budget. However while we do follow a defined set of processes, we are also flexible enough to customize our working modes depending on the client. We provide you with consulting services so that we can work collaboratively to provide you with the most compelling 3D graphics. We have the capability to work onsite as well as offsite to enable easy knowledge transfer to our in-house design team at Osirion System Technologies. Our communication modes are effective and driven at every stage of the 3D design cycle.
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