The correct way to Submit RSS Feeds For your site.

When you've an inventory of site design studios you need to talk to be certain you have got a list of questions you need to ask them and utilise a form to draft the varied answers down. What sorts of functions are they able to add for you? MLS, realtor. You'll need references from current clients and anyone that is now not a customer. You can do this by providing RSS feeds. Hosted blogs like WordPress and Blogger often contain those built in codes, but customising your blog to your taste can be difficult. This is done thru eXtended Markup Language, or XML. An RSS feed is a grouping of items chained together.

The very last thing you must do at the very top of your file is indicate it's an XML file by utilizing the XML and RSS tags. Therefore you have spent all this time making your XML file, it works, and all is well, now what do you do with it? Well, you want to submit it of course. Does your designer also have website hosting and SEO in one package? You can't just throw up a site and expect to have traffic right away.

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