Are links from not related sites actually that bad?

Why should they spend hours getting link partners and then making certain that their are connecting back to them when all they need to do is spend five mins joining a web ring or twenty mins a day updating their blog or rss feed. Gone are the pages and pages of links to other peoples’s sites and instead we use the single page blog / feed. Com in 2003, I knew nothing about link exchanges and failed to know what S.E.O stood for. Plr article pro. It’s still only a hobby and I'm still not an expert, but we’re learning.

My first query is whether Google essentially knows whether a site is relevant or not. One page in the list is only for links to software related sites. all of the outlines of those sites make the subject of the current page software related. Therefore the issue is then whether Google considers the significance of the entire site or merely that page.

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