5 Common internet site Development Mistakes of small company.

The content should be consistent with offline materials ; the graphics / pictures do not have to be matching with standard media, but should be consistent with your total branding, style guide, use of colours, and so on. However inversely, take a look at your ego at the door when you're employed with your design firm we’ve see so many good site designs messed up by clients who can’t or will not hear sound guidance.

Naturally, if you are targeting broadband consumers who are reaching your website thru ISDN or DSL, then you can build a site that incorporates multimedia-ready content that will include streaming audio or video, or Shockwave or Flash capacities. Keep as much info “above the fold” ( above the cutoff point at the bottom of a monitor ) ; do not make folk use horizontal scroll bars unless completely mandatory.

You want to take a tough look an ask if there's anything of real worth for the purchaser when they get there. Does it go outside your contact info and service offering? Does it need to?

You can build a leaflet site, but you may quickly find it is not getting the results which you anticipated.

This error goes in the other direction.

* The “All In the Family” Site.

Also called the relative site. Be it your gifted child of sixteen or your brother-in-law who knows all about this complex stuff, the site was designed, developed, and released by somebody in the family who is “very technical”. Ninety nine specials available ; yes, all will get your website registered with the search sites, but getting listed on page seventy five of 350 pages ( as an example ) will not actually drive targeted traffic to your website. The best Web expansion is happening outside North America, so it is vital to build a site that may be accessed simply by folks around the planet. What issues have you got to look at? * Load times are important.

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