Easy Instructions For New Web-masters.

Technical environments are needed for development, test and production. Development and test environments should be populated with production data occasionally. If applications are developed on NT, deployment to UNIX environment helps developers to port NT applications to UNIX environment and test UNIX precise jobs , for example shell scripts and cron roles.

Security Concerns – Development team should have total control of and access to the environment, though installation of new software should be consulted with UNIX admin and DBA.

Role – The test environment is a place where QA team ( configuration management and software testing content spinner ) practices deployment. Some companies, particularly the bigger ones, glaringly pay a consultant company to build a site for them, or to use their own IT experts.

There's an extremely important need for a, really easy step by step guide. It’s no good telling a beginner to put his foot on the clutch if he doesn't have any concept where it is or what it does. Development team shouldn't be privy to the existence of the test environment. The successful implementation of the procedures nevertheless, is dependent on management commitment and the technical competency of all teams concerned.

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