S.E.O Writing Systems for Graphic-Oriented Sites.

These tools permit you to see your website from the spider’s point of view. * Check what percentage of Your Pages are Indexed ( FREE ) Go to almost any search site and type site: Search Engine Marketing . Since search websites are hungry for words you just have to use copy if you intend to get ranked high. Quite a quandary, isn’t it? So what do you do if you are a graphics designer, if you sell jewellery, or if you have another site that requires more photos than copy? Do not despair. There are some systems that will help you reach a cheerful medium gratifying both of your visitors and the engines. The engines will find the words with no regard for where on the page they are but your visitors will not be engulfed by seeing all of the copy in one place.

ALT tags ( technically known as image alt endowments ) are engineered to give short outlines of graphics on your page. They're read to people who can’t see well ( when they use special text-to-speech software ).

* Monitor What Sites are Linking to Yours ( FREE ) Google Reports Alerts ( Search Engine Optimization ) and Google Web Alerts ( Search Engine Optimisation ) will tell you who’s linking to your website. * Getting Help ( FREE ) if you are new to S.E.O , the very first thing you must do is check out Google’s guide to SEO at . Go to , but do not hold out much hope of help here.

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