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Changing MX records - Windows

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You have access to change your mail exchange records in your DNS. Please remember when you change this record mail will immediately start forwarding to the new setting. If that computer is not setup to accept your domain's mail, you will see email problems until it is corrected or you reset the mail exchange setting.

When you change the mail setting this may require your users to change where they check mail, too. Please check with the administrator of the new mail server for the correct mail settings.

Sender policies (SPF records) may need to be changed to include the new mail server. If this is not updated, a receiving mail exchange may not recognize the new mail server as valid for sending your domain's mail.

It is advised that if you would like your MX record to be changed, please contact us by sending an email to, or you may create a ticket on our Support Page. Please include your username, password, the new mail server FQDN and/or IP address, your primary domain name, and if different, the domain name of the MX record you would like to change.

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