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Linux dedicated server, what do I get?

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You get Root Shell. This gives you SSH access to all the accounts on your server.

You get Root WHM. A full featured WHM that lets you make any changes our admins can make.

You get 5 or 9 dedicated static IP's. Even email will use a dedicated IP. (The IP's can be of the same c-class.)

You get cPanel and WHM and we can pre-install any programs you want.

You get unlimited emails and unlimited outgoing messages per hour.

You can check your server logs, through SSH.

You will have a choice of RHEL4 (RedHat), FreeBSD 6.2, Fedora 4 and 4.5, or the recommended CentOS 5.x setup.
Also, we can provide Debian, but cPanel is not compatible with this.

How much of the dedicated server's disk space will be used by the OS and included software?

approximately 2 GB

Can I install almost anything I want?

Yes, only VPS and Dedicated have this option.

Does root WHM have the Reseller Center?

Yes, only VPS and Dedicated get this tool.

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