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Please submit the online form to initiate your content transfers. If you want extra transfers beyond the free ones, you can ask for those in the online form and our transfer department will reply with a quote on the price.

We cannot quote the price for you, as the transfer department will determine that when they get your request.

Our quoted time-frame is 24 to 72 hours.

Email accounts normally cannot be transferred. However, if your previous host uses cPanel, then we can move your email accounts intact (as well as addon domains, subdomains, and other cPanel configurations).

Content transfers merely make a copy of your website code and databases. The domain name you own will remain under the control of your registrar.

Hosts we cannot transfer from:

Common problems which delay the transfers:

We must have either FTP access or cPanel access to perform transfers. Too many tickets are being submitted without correct information. We then need to contact you, which delays the transfer. A perfect example is this

Old IP
New IP
Please remember, all the correct information needs to be submitted for the transfer to go smoothly.

Changing your passwords during the transfer process is a detrimental mistake. We all appreciate security, but if you change the passwords, then we cannot access your accounts.

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