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7 Essential Search Engine Optimisation Elements


When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, many companies assume that getting results is as simple as adding keyword-stuffed webpages onto their sites. Despite the massive growth in SEO, there are still a number of misconceptions about what is needed in order to get the rankings you want on the Search Engines. Sadly for many webmasters who do not have a full understanding of SEO, the DIY approach can not only fail to produce the results you want, but in many cases your rankings could even drop further, as major Search Engines such as Google penalise websites that do not adhere to good, ‘white hat’ practices.

Search Engine Optimisation Checklist

Professional SEO companies on the other hand have years of experiences, combined with a great deal of skill that enables them to know exactly what steps to take to boost rankings. For companies wanting to know if their website meets the basic Search Engine Optimisation check-list, the follow elements should be considered:

  1. Domain name – as one of the first things that a professional SEO will examine, your company domain name should have your primary keyword in it, to allow your customers to find you online.
  2. Keywords – many companies do not even include keywords on their website, or if they do, they may not be ranking at all. Using a very generic, highly competitive word such as ‘dating’ for instance will not get your site anywhere. Professional SEO companies do extensive keyword research to find the best keywords for your business.
  3. URLs – messy URLs with strange characters, numbers and no mention of the page name or keyword are often bypassed by the Search Engine spiders. URLs that are clear, hyphenated and include major keywords on the other hand are easily picked up on Google and other SEs.
  4. Meta data – a large number of companies fail to include any Meta data at all on their websites. This is fairly important however, as it helps Search Engines trawl your pages. Page title, keywords and description form the basic Meta data.
  5. Content – as the old saying goes, content is king. Without fresh, informative, keyword rich content on your website, your rankings will not fare as well. Understanding how to write for Search Engines is a specialist skill of SEO copywriters, and along with analysts who determine high ranking keywords, the end result is content that is not only helpful to users, but is also helpful to your ultimate online results.
  6. Social media – another part of online marketing that many companies do not fully understand is how to use social media to boost your SEO strategies. A cross marketing approach is the best way to get your content out there and boost traffic.
  7. Analytics – one of the most essential elements of any SEO campaign is analytics, tracking and reports. Being able to see how each webpage is faring online is the only way to measure your success, and as your SEO company is fully equipped to understand exactly what needs to be done, this plays a vital role in any campaign.

Why Hiring a Search Engine Optimisation Expert is the Only Way to Go

While you can use this checklist to see if your site is ‘SEO ready’ or if it has a good chance of getting you the results you want, it is important to realise that trying to implement a campaign without full understanding of how Search Engine Optimisation works is a wasted effort – consult the experts, and give your website the best chance of success. 

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