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Our solutions will not only astound you in their reliability, but their affordability as well. Whether you are looking for web hosting, web design or search engine optimisation or any other of our services - you wont be disappointed! No matter which of our solutions you require, you will see this statement will fit all areas of our expertise.



We Accept:

Search Engine Optimisation Analysis Report

For any new SEO project, we recommend that the client takes an SEO analysis report. Basically, the SEO analysis report is not only for checking the current SEO value of your web site (though it is nice to have as you will be able to see a ‘before and after’ of your web sites SEO value) but more importantly, we do research into your products and services you offer and how best to optimise your web site for those keywords/key phrases. For example, if you sell web hosting services – people can search for you using “web hosting”, “webhosting”, “web site hosting”, “website hosting”, “web host”, “hosting”, etc. We do research into which keywords/key phrases are being used most often on the internet search engines so you can optimise for what people are using to search with using the search engines.

The report also offers a basic report on your competition on the keywords/phrases which allow you to see just how much SEO work you need to do on your web site. The thing about SEO and search engine results is that you don't need to ‘beat’ the search engines – you need to beat your competitors. If your competitor only has 1 incoming link and 1 page of content – there is no need to invest in thousands of incoming links and a large content filled web site as you only need a few to beat your competitor.

The cost for this analysis report is R3,500.00

So in short, an SEO analysis report will offer you:

  • A detailed analysis of your most competitive keywords and key-phrases
  • An analysis of your top competition and where they stand in the search engine rankings and their SEO value
  • An analysis of your web site and where you stand in the search engine rankings and your SEO value

The SEO Analysis Report we offer costs R3,500 and it consists of:

  1. Keyword Research
    You will receive advanced keyword research report based on your product, niche or a base keyword you supply. We make use of multiple tools and services to put together a complete comprehensive keyword list that covers your entire niche.
    • Multiple keyword databases used to obtain Search Volume – Consistency between DB’s indicates search volume reliability
    • Your competition is mined for additional keywords – Find related keywords you might never have thought of.
    • Average Top 10 Page Rank supplied for each keyword – Indication of keyword difficulty and level of competition.
    • Google CPC – Indicates value of keyword in relation to other keywords. Higher Bid prices indicate advertisers are making higher profits from that keyword.

  2. Competitive Analysis 
    You will receive a complete organic and paid keyword list for 10 competitors of your choosing. Reports obtained from an up to date database of top 20 Google rankings across 25 000 000 keywords across 9 000 000 domains.
    Each report will contain up to 10 000 keywords showing every keyword that domain ranks for in the top 20 organic Google results. Find valuable keywords your competitors are targeting!
    Additionally each report will contain the top 10 000 keywords that competitor targets via Google Adwords. You will know their full Google PPC marketing strategy! Find unknown keywords and analyze / emulate your competitor’s successful Adwords campaigns

  3. Competitive Comparison
    You will receive a competitive comparison of over 100 on and off page SEO factors between your website and the top 10 Google results for 5 of keywords of your choice.
    This report tells you exactly what you are doing wrong in comparison to the top ranking sites, and what you need to do to fix it.
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