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Our solutions will not only astound you in their reliability, but their affordability as well. Whether you are looking for web hosting, web design or search engine optimisation or any other of our services - you wont be disappointed! No matter which of our solutions you require, you will see this statement will fit all areas of our expertise.



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about our search engine marketing & optimisation services

The world today is waking up to the tremendous benefits of Search Engine Marketing. If you could ensure better visibility for your website, get more traffic into your site and realize more sales with a single tool - would you possible let go of such a opportunity? That's exactly what Search Engine Optimisation or SEO provides. And it's time you jumped on the SEO bandwagon too.

At Osirion System Technologies we provide end-to-end umbrella SEM services that help your organization realize all the benefits that this amazing tool provides. We use proven and trusted methodologies to ensure the best Search Engine Marketing strategies for your website. So you can watch sales skyrocket - day in and day out. Our affordable Search Engine Optimization services will get you ranking in no time - but at the same time, there are several factors you should understand as well when determining your budget. The first of which is your competition! If you are in a very competitive market with very strong competition in the search engine results pages (or SERP's for short), you may not be able to get away with cheap search engine optimization as you may have to invest a lot more on onsite content and offsite backlinking to get your web site ranking in Google and other search engines.

Our services

At Osirion System Technologies we do not promise you the skies. We deliver them. We work with each and every client with the same dedication and support - whether it's a startup or a large scale organization. Our range of of Search Engine Marketing services include:

    For small to medium sized websites
  • Reviewing and assessing keywords/keyword research
  • Optimization of site structure for ensuring more crawls
  • Improving content priority
  • Title and meta tag optimization
  • Link building
  • Submission of content to search engines manually
  • Review and reports on search engine rankings on periodic basis

  • High competition or large sites
    In addition to above listed Search Engine Optimization services we also provide
  • Anti spam tactics so your email doesn't get deleted in inboxes
  • Solid strategizing to attain high quality page rankings
  • Promotion and advertising

  • Consulting Search Engine Optimisation services
  • Evaluation of your current website
  • Assessing your competition
  • Education and training on how to improve search engine rankings
  • How to increase number of targeted phrases

Google Search Engine Optimization

Google Search Engine Optimization is the most sought after in the industry. The truth is that Google is the most used search engine around the world, and so, you would want all your SEO efforts to concentrate on ranking well on Google. Do not despair though, this does not mean that you will be left out of Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. In fact, from our experience using Google as your SEO benchmark will greatly assist you in ranking in such search engines. We have many clients that during their search engine optimisation 'climb', while they are still sitting on the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th page of Google are ranking #1 for Yahoo and/or Bing! Google search engine optimization is the way you want to go - even if this is not the case. You will have far greater returns should you rank #1 in Google than in any other search engine. Let our search engine marketing specialists make your search engine promotion job a breeze - we can work around your budget to formulate a search engine marketing strategy to make the most optimal gains for your web site.

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign management

At Osirion System Technologies we also help in your Search Engine Optimization efforts by managing your PPC or pay per click campaigns. We provide you with valuable advice right from the right bid amounts, to creating compelling landing pages to attract more visitors, how to maximize traffic into your site, as well as improving conversion ratios, and optimized title tags and descriptions of your web pages. We have been involved in managing PPC campaigns for several years now - and hence can help your company realize ROI much faster.

Link building services

At Osirion System Technologies we can also help populate your website with relevant, reciprocal links that will divert increased traffic into your website. For this we work with your webmaster to manage all their link building campaigns effectively. This way your webmasters free up their time and resources in order to build on more productive aspects of the website. Just incase you do not wish to procure our link building services for your Search Engine Marketing efforts you can always seek our consultation services. We can guide and train your webmasters in this area of expertise. Not only will this improve your traffic inflows but also increase sales on your site!
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