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Online gamblers warned in SA


Trade and Industry Minister cautions that online betting remains unlawful in SA and so the Reserve Bank was monitoring illegal transactions Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies has warned offshore betting operators that setting up enterprises in the country wouldn't force his dept to introduce types of betting which were judged illegal here. He also warned South African online gamblers the Reserve Bank was monitoring illegal transactions and they wouldn't get their monies regardless of if they won.

He emphasized that online betting stayed unlawful in the country. The minister was addressing correspondents on Wed. on the results of the Betting Review Commission. Baby Twaya, the nation's Grambling Board Manager, claimed one may be fined up to R10 million if caught taking part in online betting or face ten years in the slammer. The commission was set up 3 years back by the dept to take a look at the betting landscape from 1996 to the present and appraise its social and commercial effect on folks, among other stuff. In its discoveries, the commission has announced that since 1996, betting had grown into a "small but maturing sector." it revealed that gross betting earnings had doubled between 2001 and 2009 and now stood at R15.921 bill ( R18.129 bn. including Lotto ). In 2009 alone, the industry had generated R1.5 bn.

in tax cash for provincial executives. The betting sector also accounted for fifty six 958 direct roles, while the casino industry had made 51 317 roles.

The commission has additionally disclosed the betting industry drew almost all of its customers regionally, instead of from travellers. Among its proposals, the commission recounted that loot on the Unlimited Payout Machines should be raised from the present R500, as the implementation of the machines in poorer communities hadn't been successful. Davies, who briefed Parliament's Portfolio Board on Trade and Industry, related both the nation's Assembly and Countrywide Council of Provinces would look into the report and make suggestions.

He revealed right now, nothing would change in the betting industry and they might stick to the forty casino licenses across the land.

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