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Nationwide Internet to be launched in Iran


Iran is to launch its nationwide version of the Net by the end of Aug Iran is to launch its countrywide version of the web by the end of Aug, Communications Minister Reza Taqipour claimed Monday. The minister informed the official stories agency IRNA the Iranian web would at first offer eight megabytes high speed broadband connections for home users. These would continuously be increased to twenty megabytes per second. Though the nation's web is meant to increase speed and reduce costly subcriptions, some critics say the project is essentially targeted at controlling the utilization of the web in Iran.

A few net sites are blocked in Iran, either due to what the officers call "immoralities," a reference to lewd material, or for political reasons.

Searches for sexual terms are blocked, and so are also pretty much all local opposition web sites, a couple of Western papers, mags and social network sites like Facebook and Twitter. Iran also plans to introduce its own local search site by the start of 2012. In a clear reference to Yahoo, the Iranian search website will be named "Ya Haq," meaning Calling God.

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