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Twitter looks to promote Tweets


Promoted tweets will start appearing in your twitter feed inside the month after next, though Twitter is taking a user first approach to restrict how notable these are. Twitter's fresh product, labelled "Promoted Tweets to Follow", is due for a launch by early Aug 2011.

This can permit marketing experts to distribute adverts in the shape of promoted tweets, which appear as regular tweets in your Twitter timeline. The very good news is, you are not on the point of being spammed with tweet adverts for all kinds of things you do not care about. The advertisements will be despatched by brands to the ones that follow them. For example those users that follow Wimpy will receive Wimpy advertisements, which should appear at the very top of a users timeline. They will not stay pinned there but but will rather progress down the timeline like every other regular tweet. At launch, the advertisements will not appear in clients like Tweetdeck or Twitter's mobile programmes, though this can change in times to come. No direct comment was available from Twitter, however in an email to All Things D they said that, "We are taking a purposeful and considerate approach with our advertising platform.

As that platform develops, we're going to continue to target delivering worth for both marketing consultants and users.".

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