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Broadband stays at 256kbps


The Dept of Communications isn't talking about the revision of the meaning of broadband in SA assistant director-general Themba Phiri recently reported in an interview. This is an about-face from prior statements manufactured by the DoC at a press lecture held last year ( 2011 ) where they announced they're taking a look at accelerating the minimum download speed a connection must have to qualify as "broadband." In SA a Net connection must have a download speed of about 256 kilobits per second ( kbps ) to qualify as broadband, according to the Nation's Broadband Policy. This speed design comes from the rules set by the Global Telecomms Union's Development Sector. Nonetheless the 256kbps minimum attracted feedback from industry and researchers when it was placed in the frame of reference of the DoC's statement last year ( 2011 ) that it hopes to deliver one hundred pc broadband coverage in S. A. by 2020. Queried about this, Phiri stressed that 256kbps was the minimum, and that speeds would differ from service to service. "We understand the difficulties, they really came up in the consultations," Phiri recounted.

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