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Countries with best IPTV


IPTV customers grew by 6.06% in quarter three of 2011 and now total 54.4 million internationally. This is according to the newest Point-Topic IPTV report. The Point-Topic report highlights that IPTV expansion is checked by the duty for higher bandwidth and higher cost price lists than other applications. "With important competition from plenty of other options for a feed there are barriers that stop IPTV from exploding in customer terms. However it is gradually spreading thru the shopper universe and generates major extra ARPU," asserts Point-Topic. "Internet service suppliers are working tirelessly to make an IPTV service an automated part of a product package.

They're having some success but they haven't begun to face important challenges from ott providers globally." "It is still to be seen what impact a full range of video offerings will have on particular parts of the market but competition is mostly good for the customer and costs may continue to come under stress in the approaching quarters," the report states.

Regional expansion East Asia is the quickest growing area for IPTV, but EU markets continue to buttress on a customized basis.

When it comes down to the Top ten IPTV states France continues to steer, followed by China and the States. "Growth in France, the existing global leader, is still awfully powerful especially given a high penetration rate, but China by sheer force of scale of the market is an impossible to resist force and should become number one by the end of 2011," Point-Topic states.

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