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Real-time search from Twitter and Yandex


Twitter and Russian search website Yandex have concluded a partnership that may permit Yandex to show new tweets in its search results pretty much instantly, as Twitter becomes a more and more significant source of real time info. Twitter will give Yandex access to its supposed firehose of all public tweets, the 2 corporations claimed on Tues.

Iin a contract like the one the social short-messaging site has with Microsoft's search website, Bing. "We wanted to make certain that Twitter content can be where Twitter users are going," Twitter's director of business development, April Underwood, told Reuters by telephone. "Discovery thru search is so important." Anton Pavlov, Yandex's blog search chief, asserted in a press release : "People share stories, exchange views and debate all kinds of matters in realtime all of the time. This type of info will help us augment our search results." Yandex has about sixty p.c share of the market in Russia, before Google with approximately 1 / 4 of the market, though world leader Google has just lately started to corrode its lead. Google no longer partners with Twitter, favoring its own fledgling Google+ social network for social search results. Asked about a probable renewing of a cooperation with Google, Twitter's Underwood related : "Anything's possible but there's not especially an update to provide there at this time." Twitter has more than one hundred million active users and four hundred million visitors every month. Its valuation tops $8 bln, although it hasn't yet established a profit making model. Google+, which is more similar to Facebook than Twitter, has ninety million users. Twitter and Yandex declined to give monetary details of their agreement.

Microsoft has been reported to have paid $30 million for its cope with Twitter. Yandex reaches about 2.8 p.c of worldwide Web users, according to Web metrics firm Alexa, while Bing reaches about 3.4 p.c.

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