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Our solutions will not only astound you in their reliability, but their affordability as well. Whether you are looking for web hosting, web design or search engine optimisation or any other of our services - you wont be disappointed! No matter which of our solutions you require, you will see this statement will fit all areas of our expertise.



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Users of internet social network sites like Facebook are modifying their pages and tightening their privacy option settings to guard their reputes in the age of digital sharing, according to a new survey. About two thirds, or 63 p.c, of social network website ( SNS ) users queried in the Pew Research Center poll stated that they had removed folks from their "friends" lists, up from fifty six p.c in 2009. Another 44 % stated that they had removed comments that others have made on their profiles, up from thirty six % 2 years before. Users also became more certain to remove their names from photographs that were tagged to spot them. Thirty-seven % of profile owners have done that, up from thirty p.c in 2009, the survey showed. "Over time, as social networking websites have now become a conventional communications channel in normal life, profile owners became more active executives of their profiles and the content that's posted by others in their networks," the report recounted. The Pew report also touches on the privacy options folks use for their SNS profiles. The issue of internet privacy has drawn inflating concerns from buyers, and the Obama administration has requested a "privacy bill of rights" that would give users more control of their info. Fifty-eight p.c of those surveyed related their main profile was set to be personal so that only buddies can see it. Another nineteen p.c asserted they had set their profile to partly non-public so that buddies of buddies can see it. Only twenty % have made their profile absolutely public. The report was based mostly on fone survey of 2,277 adults in April and May 2011 as a part of Pew's project online and American life.

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