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New privacy by Google


Google Inc's arguable new privacy policy went live Thursday, offering millions of Google users the benefit of more personalized service, but at the expense of yielding more private info to the web giant.

Under the fresh policy Google will share the data it has about users between all its services. That suggests that YouTube might offer you video content primarily based on the content of your mails, or that a term you use in Google Docs will appear higher in your search results. Google isn't offering users the choice of opting out of the data sharing, and privacy advocates in the USA and Europe have blasted the fresh policy, principally on the grounds that Google's users became dependent upon the services when they operated under separate privacy policies.

Millions of users aren't able to ditch Google since they have cellphone contracts for devices that run Android, Google's O. S. The French regulatory authority earlier in the week recounted the fresh policy was a contravention of the Western european Union's information protection rules, while in America thirty six lawyers general have was critical of the changes as an invasion of privacy. Google announces the move unifies the privacy policy of all its web properties and will end in better service for its clients. But US privacy advocate Purchaser Watchdog blasted the new set of rules as a "spy policy" built to permit the company to provide better targeted advertising and so earn more money. "It's truly about spying on you and building those digital dossiers," declared John Simpson, the director of the organization's Privacy Project". Remember you are not Google's consumer, you are Google's product.

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