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Online music service by Bill Gates


Microsoft Co founder Bill Gates' private Corbis, which supplies pictures and film video for advertisers, is expanding farther into entertainment by launching a web music service with songs from the 4 biggest publishers. The GreenLight Music service went live on Wed.

With over 1,000,000 tracks from catalogues controlled by Warner Music, EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music and Sony ATV. Corbis, that the Microsoft boss started in 1989 by securing the digital rights to such art masterpieces as the "Mona Lisa" and "Whistler's Mother", made GreenLight in 2008 and used it to kickstart attempts to transform itself. Its new music service will let consumers license a variety of songs for online internet sites, advertising and other pro uses.

Users bid on the tracks, with the labels negotiating the final cost. Under Corbis Chief Executive Officer Gary Shenk, the Corporation has been continuously purchasing and beginning entertainment services. In Jan , it purchased Norm Marshall & Associates, which brokers deals to put clients' products in films and on telly shows. In Feb , it launched On Demand Entertainment, a subscription service which permits users to license celebrity stills and other entertainment pictures. "Our shoppers wish to connect to entertainment to smash thru the mess so we made a decision to permit access to classic entertainment," related Shenk. In a particular case, he claimed, Corbis provided video clips for Hasbro Incorporated to incorporate in its online version of Insignificant Pursuit.

The usage of the Monkees ' song "Daydream Believer" was latterly approved for $1,875 for a company meeting, the company recounted. "It's our responsibility to find new and leading edge methods to help EMI's artists achieve the success they mostly dreamed of," Brian Monaco, EMI's executive VP of sales and strategic management, claimed in a press release. "And we are committed to finding paths to simply the sync licensing process.".

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