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Anti-abuse system for BlackBerry


Vodacom is at present trialling a new network traffic monitoring and managing system which is directed at limiting the abuse on their BlackBerry network. Vodacom seems likely to roll out the system in March 2012, which should affect all BlackBerry users.

Vodacom expounded that they developed the new traffic monitoring and managing system in cooperation with Research in Motion ( Edge ), and will go live once the system is 'proven'. "The solution supplies the functionality usually employed by Net Service Suppliers to control Net traffic according to assorted parameters. These parameters can include applications, customs, users, URLs and other criteria," Vodacom asserted. According to Vodacom this solution will help them to better manage on-device Net use, making sure a better experience for all BIS users. Vodacom declared the "overall plan is to execute the same approach taken by all of the other ISPs and manage explicit customs which may give BIS users the very best on-device perusing experience." In simple language it suggests that certain services , for example p-2-p services and huge downloads, will be throttled ( therefore slower speeds ) or disabled. Vodacom couldn't provide precise details on which custom will be formed or disabled. "It is too early to give a classic answer as we first need to put the solution ready then analyse the traffic info and choose an express course of action," declared Vodacom.

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