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Our solutions will not only astound you in their reliability, but their affordability as well. Whether you are looking for web hosting, web design or search engine optimisation or any other of our services - you wont be disappointed! No matter which of our solutions you require, you will see this statement will fit all areas of our expertise.



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Domain speculation


Many firms have learned the tough way that it can be tricky to get their most preferred domain if it belongs to another party.

Folk regularly blame this on cyber-squatters, but the Web Service Suppliers organisation ( ISPA ) has announced that there's a difference between cyber-squatting and domain speculating. "Cyber-squatting ( often referred to as domain squatting ) often implies an awful religion desire on the side of the registrant, as an example, intentionally registering mybroadband.web.za simply to sell it to MyBroadband," explained ISPA. "Domain supposition is the registration of possibly handy domains without meaning to block an existing brand or trademark, as an example registering a universal broadband.web.za and then offering it for sale." ISPA related that domain conjecture is a satisfactory practice in most jurisdictions, and there's typically a longtime dispute resolution process to guard folks from cybersquatting. "This process is often quicker and cheaper than standard legal proceedings," claimed ISPA.

In S. A. , there's an Alternative Dispute Resolution available for CO.ZA domains. "It is administered by the .ZA Website Name Authority, and incorporates a finance help programme for folk who may not otherwise be capable of paying to decide a domain dispute," asserted ISPA. The ISP organisation added that while it receives a serious number of public questions concerning website names, many of these fall outside of its jurisdiction. "ISPA does inspire its members to register all domains in the name of their clientele, instead of in the name of the ISP. This offers much stronger protection to the domain holder in the eventuality of a dispute," announced ISPA.

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