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Chinese government website attacks


China was wrestling Thursday to revive 1 or 2 central authority internet sites that global hacking group incognito explains it attacked in a clear protest against Chinese Web limitations. On a Twitter account established in late March, nameless China listed the sites it asserts it hacked during the last a few days. They include state firms in 1 or 2 Chinese towns, including in Chengdu, a regional capital in southwest China. Some of the sites were still blocked Thursday, with errors shown. Incognito activists have defaced internet sites around the planet. They're engaged in political causes, including opposition to the worldwide clampdown on file-sharing sites and defense of the secret-spilling site WikiLeaks. Some internet sites that secret asserted it attacked were working Thursday, and state officers denied the sites were ever hacked.

China's Countrywide PC Network Emergency Reply Technical Team wasn't available for swift comment. In a message left on one of the hacked Chinese sites cdcbd.gov.cn, a default page for Chengdu's financial district the hackers voiced fury with the Chinese govt for limitations placed on the Web. "Dear Chinese administration, you aren't infallible, today web sites are hacked, tomorrow it'll be your evil regime that may fall," the English-language message read. "What you do today to your Great Folk , tomorrow will be inflicted to you. With no mercy." The message also offered directions on the best way to by-pass China's limitations on its Net .

The govt. makes an attempt to block Web users in China from seeing social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Info on politically delicate subjects is sometimes blocked.

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