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Better value still wanted in SA


Ookla's Net Index shows that South Africans are still paying far more cash than their world opposite numbers for high speed Net access. The Net Index 'household price index' uses contemporary surveys from Speedtest.net to compare and rank client broadband worth around the planet. According to the report, folks in Luxembourg enjoy the best broadband excellent value, followed by Iceland and Denmark. The relative value of broadband is established utilizing the mean broadband subscription cost divided by the GDP ( GDP ) per Capita. The list below supplies the top states utilizing the relative value of broadband measure : Luxembourg 0.594% ( $54.45 / month ) Iceland 0.797% ( $34.84 / month ) Denmark 0.865% ( $44.80 / month ) Austria 0.906% ( $37.44 / month ) Netherlands 0.928% ( $40.95 / month ) UK 0.930% ( $33.75 / month ) Sweden 0.948% ( $41.05 / month ) Norway 0.959% ( $75.76 / month ) HK 1.032% ( $26.55 / month ) Finland 1.033% ( $44.18 / month ) SA ranks in 58th place out of the 64 states which are ranked. According to Ookla's Net Index South Africans have to fork out 14.9% of their revenue to pay for a broadband web connection cost per Mbps. SA is performing far worse when talking of the average monthly cost per Mbps ( thus what you have got to pay for high speed services ).

According to the report, South Africans roughly pay $39.18 $ per Mbps, well above the worldwide average of $9.58 Dollars per Mbps. The nations with the least expensive broadband Internet connection ( per Mbps rates ) are : Bulgaria $0.64 Dollars Romania $0.92 Dollars Lithuania $1.02 Greenbacks Ukraine $1.06 Bucks Republic of Moldova $1.46 Dollars Latvia $1.83 Dollars Hungary $1.86 Greenbacks Slovakia $1.93 Dollars HK $2.33 Bucks Russia $2.33 Dollars. SA is ranked at number 63 out of 64 states when it comes down to the price per Mbps, which implies that local purchasers pay particularly high rates for high speed broadband access.

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