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The DStv BoxOffice Online beta test is going at full speed but with Q1 of 2012 behind us, so is the start date MultiChoice formerly stated that they were aiming at.

MultiChoice asserted they are placing their target the development of the product, explaining that they have thus adopted a wary phased approach to building the functionality and testing it. "At this stage, we won't confirm dates but will be in touch when we have news," MultiChoice declared when asked questions about when they are expecting to bring BoxOffice Online out of beta. Signups for the beta are closed and MultiChoice claimed they would re-open it "as and when" they roll out more features. "DStv BoxOffice Online beta is offered to a closed user group as we wish to keep the beta testing group as controllable as possible," MultiChoice related.

"This will make sure that we will be able to focus our attention on getting detailed user experience reports, which should finally help us make DStv BoxOffice Online an easy to use and valuable service when we launch it commercially." The beta is stage 2 of testing, MultiChoice announced, adding that they have just gained some valuable input from the folks that are enrolled in the service. We asked MultiChoice a bunch of other questions, the replies to which are reproduced below in QA format : Will you be keeping costs the same when the service comes out of beta? The comprehensive details of the offering is scheduled to be announced at launch. What number of the registered users use the service monthly? Volumes are what we'd expect from a tiny closed group of users. The registered users have been supportive in making a contribution to the feedback survey which is an indication of use. Which flicks are rather more preferred : the marginally costlier Latest Releases, or Classics? Tastes alter significantly but we've discovered that both classes are appreciated in their own right.

How many rentals do you see in a month? The numbers differ from one week to the next but are what we might expect from a trial service. How much bandwidth do you use each month from just serving flicks from DStv BoxOffice Online? The bandwidth use is unimportant, only based mostly on the low number of users we now have signed on and the variance in weekly rentals.

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