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More deliberation for Google


A judge entreated jurors to restart thinking Oracle Corp's copyright claims against Google over the Android mobile platform, after they indicated there had been unanimous agreement on all but one of the questions they must decide. "It's worth you going home over weekend," District Judge William Alsup said to the jurors, adding that thoughts in the Fed. court in San Francisco should continue the week after next.

Oracle sued Google in Aug 2010, pronouncing Android infringes on its IP rights to the Java coding language. Google asserts it doesn't violate Oracle's patents and that Oracle can't copyright defined parts of Java, an "open-source," or freely published, software language. Alsup had been prepared to permit the jury to supply a partial decision on Fri. . But he modified his mind after one juror recounted others on the panel thought further thoughts could be handy.

"We should exploit that hope," Alsup expounded. The trial has been split into 3 phases : copyright culpability, patent claims, and damages. It started in April and was anticipated to last at least 8 weeks. If the jury can't agree on one query, Alsup has indicated he would permit them to deliver a partial decision and move on to hear proof in the patent part of the case. Another jury may then have to deal with the unanswered copyright query on a retrial.

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