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Max line speed at flat rate


Telkom has contested the precision of info MyBroadband has received from a business source saying the company is having a look at dropping its existing ADSL access charge structure for a single price model.

Now customers pay a charge to Telkom based primarily on the rate of the line they desire.

Telkom offers 3 tiers : R152 for Fast ( up to 384kbps ) ; R289 for Quicker ( up to 1024kbps ) ; and R413 Quickest ( up to four / 10Mbps ). Though certain ISPs offer line rentals at a little reduced costs, the structure is the same and the majority of the cash still goes to Telkom. According to the data received by MyBroadband, Telkom is digging into dropping the rate tiers in favor of a single ADSL access charge. Users would then get the top speed their line is actually capable of ( therefore the highest possible sync speed ) for a set charge. Replying to questions on whether it was considering alternative ADSL access charge structures, Telkom declared the info was fallacious. Nevertheless the incumbent added : "Telkom constantly reviews its offerings and will communicate any changes once a conclusion has been reached.".

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