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True broadband, courtesy of your municipality


An uncapped 3 – 10 Mbps Broadband offering for around R 300-00 per month will sound like an April Fools joke to many South Africans, but this service will soon become a reality.

This offering is the result of a partnership between the City of Tshwane (CTMM) and Goal Technology Solutions (GTS).

CTMM and GTS are about to launch a commercial Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) pilot where some residents will get access to an uncapped broadband service of between 3 and 10 Mbps for a monthly cost of around R 300-00 per month.

Charles Kuun, Manager of the Tshwane Global Digital Hub Program, said that he expects this pilot project to be up and running within the next three months. This trial will kick off with 3 commercial pilots in the Eastern suburbs of Tshwane.

BPL technology, with a theoretical throughput of 200 Mbps, will be used as a last mile access technology while Tshwane’s well established fiber network will serve as the backhaul network.

Kuun, the driver behind this world class municipal broadband network development, is very optimistic about the prospects of this offering. He informed MyADSL that their BPL trial in the Rooiwal community in the North of Tshwane has been a great success, and a commercial trial was therefore the logical next step.

The Rooiwal trial not only brought Internet and telephony services to users, but was also used for other services like electricity metering and IP cameras. Users in this community enjoy fast Internet access, typically 4 Mbps, used for purposes ranging from gaming to online education.

The new commercial municipal BPL service in the East will be far superior to any other commercial broadband service available today. Vodacom and MTN’s HSDPA service can deliver maximum speeds of up to 1.8 Mbps while Telkom’s superior ADSL offering has a maximum speed of 1 Mbps.

With speeds of between 3 and 10 Mbps for around R 300-00 per month Tshwane is making good on their promise of being community and user centric rather than opting for the operator centric approach we so often see in the broadband arena.

Source: My Broadband
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