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Web design and web development thumbnail of Christian Motorcycle Association SA Web Site

Live Studios

Project: Christian Motorcycle Association SA Web Site
Timeframe: 90 days
Project Timeline: 2007-11-06 to 2008-01-05
We took 60 days to complete this web design & development project, completing it 30 days before its deadline.

Having worked with Live Studios on many other projects in the past, we are happy to embark in yet another web development project with Live Studios. This project required a lot of web development and power to manage the entire web site and back end system. Just some of the sections that can be managed are the Chapter and Bikers Church pages and sub pages. There are different levels of administration, from top level - down to each individual branch or chapter being able to manage their section of the web site. There is also a members database and administrators can pull reports on various criteria of the various sections of the database.

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