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Results Media Group

Project: SA On Course Web Site
Timeframe: 186 days
Project Timeline: 2005-05-01 to 2005-12-23
We took 236 days to complete this web design & development project, completing it -50 days before its deadline.

SA On Course came to us after being disappointed by previous web designers and developers. The web site and system they presented to us was half working with a bunch of bugs and completely not to the specifications they had requested. Finding it hard to trust yet another web design and development firm, they handed over the project to us with some hesitation expecting to be let down again. They were however, finally not let down and were extremely happy with us after us having finished the initial phase to spec and completing the phase far before the deadline. The features and functions of these groups of web sites are just so much to mention that we will not be able to write about them in this short description. If you have a look at the SA On Course web site and sub sites, you must imagine that almost every single part of the web site is manageable. Not only that, but far more is manageable via the back end content management system which controls factors not even for the front end of the web site. This project was run in multiple phases and each phase was completed to spec and far before their respective deadlines, leaving Results Media Group a very happy client.

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