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Our solutions will not only astound you in their reliability, but their affordability as well. Whether you are looking for web hosting, web design or search engine optimisation or any other of our services - you wont be disappointed! No matter which of our solutions you require, you will see this statement will fit all areas of our expertise.



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Seriti Printing

Project: Seriti Printing Website
Timeframe: 4 days
Project Timeline: 2010-02-06 to 2010-02-23
We took 17 days to complete this web design & development project, completing it -13 days before its deadline.

Another word of mouth lead came to us with an urgent request to get their web site going since they felt they were falling behind their competition. Seriti Printing needed a simple and professional solution that matched their own image and standing in the printing industry. We were able to quickly customise a Joomla template to their specifications as they also desired a simple mainstream CMS solution. Delivered before the time and with a simple, quick loading, clean and professional look as desired by Seriti Printing.

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