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Silver Lining Jewellery

Project: Silver Lining Jewellery
Timeframe: 9 days
Project Timeline: 2010-02-09 to 2010-04-07
We took 57 days to complete this web design & development project, completing it -48 days before its deadline.

The owner of Silver Lining Australia had worked with us before when she worked for Miracle Chemicals and had been our contact to get the Miracle Chemicals web site complete. She had since moved to Australia and started her own business and she turned to those she trusted to get her web site online. The design was done by a close family friend of hers and entrusted to us to cut up from template form into a workable web site. Silver Lining also required some dynamic functionality in the form of a products catalogue and events management on her web site which we completed for her with a fully customised administrative backend for easy updating of her website.

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