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setting up private name servers

What are private name servers?
Private name servers would be ns1.yourdomain.com and ns2.yourdomain.com

What are my private name servers IP's?
For ns1.yourdomain.com the IP would be the ip listed in your welcome email.

For ns2.yourdomain.com the ip would the same accept change the last number in the IP to be one digit higher. Example: If the IP listed in your welcome email was your ns2.domain.com name servers IP would be

What are the benefits of having your own name servers?
Many resellers choose to have their own name servers for appearance reasons. Using our anonymous name servers of ns1.websitewelcome.com and ns2.websitewelcome.com can be less professional looking for a hosting company. Other than the "look" of using private name servers there are no benefits.

How do I go about getting my private name servers setup?
You will now need to create the name servers at the place you registered your domain from. Every registrar has a different process for creating private name servers.

Try and look for something along the lines of "register DNS" "create DNS" or "add DNS" from within your account with your registar. The only way to create Name Servers is by using the IP addresses we assigned to your ns1 and ns2.yourdomain.com If there isn't a field asking for the IP you are not at the right place.

Private Name Server Notes
Changing your domains DNS is not the same thing as registering name servers. You will not be able to change your sites DNS to private name servers until your private name servers are registered with your domain registar. Some regsitars don't even have an option for you to create private name servers on our own. In many cases emailing them to do it is the only option.

If you can't figure out how to register your private name servers with your registrar read their FAQ and look for a question along the lines of "How do I register name servers" If you can't figure it out from either reading their FAQ or navigating through your account with them you will need to email them asking...
"I want to create name servers for my domain. They are ns1.insteryourdomainhere.com with the IP of (insert the IP we assign here) and ns2.insertyourdomainhere.com with the IP of (insert the ip we assign here)"

My private name servers are registered now what?
After your name servers have been created you will be able to use them for all of your domain names hosted with us. This part of the process is called "changing dns" If you don't know how to change your sites DNS please go to Changing Domain Name Servers.

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